My name is Alina Braun, I am 25 years old, from Freiburg, Germany.
For a long time, I have been personally interested in sustainable fashion, second hand and upcycling - transforming old clothes into something new.
In the lockdown in 2020 I started selling my own upcycled clothing. I learned a lot along the way and developed my creative skills along the way. Ever since 2023 my brand is known under the name ALL IN A BASEMENT, which comes from my name Alina and the fact that I do all of the work in my basement apartment.
Later I also started creating my own collections twice each year. All of the fabrics and materials that I use for those are second hand, local and/or climate neutral.
The process from the idea, through tailoring, sewing, to the finished product is very personal and of course totally handmade by me.
I am always working on new concepts and creative ways to make my design ideas a reality.
Let yourself get surprised at how much is possible with old, unused clothing just by simply upcycling!